About Us

"Art Color is up to you Imagine That" 

It is serving as the main sector in 2004 and institutionalized in 2014 within our company GFI Printing Packaging; Books, catalogs, brochures, inserts, Annual Report, Business Cards, Go Card files, Calendar, Notebook, Notepad, and Calendar as basic printing products as well as Carton, Corrugated Cardboard, Offset Rounded Box, cardboard stand, the basic packaging products, such as Offset It is performed by using the most advanced technology in printing and digital printing techniques. In addition, you also need Photograph, Color Separation, Graphic Design, and we also offer the application service.
Our company is full-time service under the roof of quality service aims to increase customer satisfaction in the foreground holding. We offer all kinds of services and solutions for your brand concept of our brand by identifying the correct analysis.
Talks to our valued customers, our business partners that we see as the most appropriate, cost-effective solution to find and produce the best quality product we act with reflex.