A quality label, the product stand out, be noticed and is effective in that brand. 

Coming from one of the most used product stickers in various sectors. Type of material, the use of space, adhesive stickers to be weak or strong as they are called by different names in itself. Plain sticker, Rear Cut Stickers, Transparent and Opaque Decals Stickers most preferred straight-cut stickers according to tiplerinden.kes I figure, we serve our customers with half-cut decals and private sector production.
  Major Tags:
§ Food & Beverage labels
§ Personal care & kozemetik product labels
§ Chemical Product labels
§ Electronics and white goods labels
§ electrical household appliances tags
§ automotive industry labels
§ Textile labels
§ cardboard tags
§ Jewellery & optical tags
§ Food & Beverage labels
The materials used in printed labels may be varied widely. Commonly used materials; Vellum, Coated, metallized coated, cardboard materials, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester (PET Gloss white, Matt Silver, Brushed PET), Ultra Clear