Pallets and Crates

Each type and extent Pallet Manufacturing 

The economic pallets are produced using pine or poplar trees. 250 - has a 300kg capacity. Manufactured bulky items to be shipped easily. 9 is chock and trucks can enter every side. Including new and used are available from stock at all times.

Usually it produced using pine tree, with an average capacity of 1000 Kg, long lasting pallet. 9 is chock may enter by 4 truck. New and says times are available from stock to be used.

An average of 2000 kg with a load carrying capacity up, pallets are used to transport heavy loads. Euro pallets are manufactured in quality.

Euro pallets
International Railways made and proved to be false by definition, environmentally-friendly pallets are produced all over the world prepared with standard regulations. The dimensions are 80cm * 120cm -0 + 3mm accuracy. In terms of the nails used in the production of pallets, mounting up to coordinate every detail is designed to remove the top level of the Euro pallet durability.

Cage type according to your needs or completely closed, six crawler, top lid or later we are producing open.

Plastic Pallets
80 * 120, 100 * 120, 110 * 110, standard size as 110 * 130, six off according to usage, 4 side open, which can be nested, flat-topped (hygienic) are delivered in our our plastic pallets in stock different elevations. Used plastic pallets are available from stock.